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Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre

 The Palm Dinner Theatre is one of the most enjoyable attractions near Fort Myers Beach.

Dinner and a show? The Palm Dinner Theatre is one of the most enjoyable attractions near Fort Myers Beach. This spectacle of a theatre has offered awe-inspiring shows and lovely dinners for guests for decades. And now, you can take this opportunity to visit the theatre and see the magic running, singing, dancing, and playing during your stay in our Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals.

The Palm Dinner Theatre is one of the most enjoyable attractions near Fort Myers Beach.

What is the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre?

170,000 guests a year have found something fantastic at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. The theatre features a high-quality theatrical performance and a luxurious dinner experience wrapped into one. The theatre has four distinct rooms:

  • The Dinner Theatre: This main hall offers 450 seats for a full course dinner and an extravagant theatrical performance. 
  • The Broadway Palm Theatre: This 100-seat black box-styled theatre is a welcoming alternative to the main hall. Shows here are typically smaller scale and give the chance for more unconventional shows to flourish.
  • The Sabal Palm: The Sabal Palm is a gorgeous lounge area, suited with about 30 seats. It is located next to the main lobby and accommodates waiting guests. 
  • The Royal Palm: The Royal Palm houses 120, and is designed predominantly for luxury dining.

Each area of the theatre helps elevate this broadway show and dinner to new heights. Guests can indulge in a fantastic meal while seeing some of the best theatrical productions in southwest Florida. Dinner is buffet style, so be sure to grab the best dishes and sides before you settle into your seat. However, dining is not mandatory for viewing the show, so feel free to go simply for the experience. The theatre attracts top Broadway-quality talent to the pristine shores of Fort Myers.

No need to go to the Big Apple for the best shows.

Where is the Theatre?

Whether you are heading to see an off-broadway show in the black box or a headlining performance in the main dining hall, you are going to head to 1380 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers. Contact the office at 239-278-4422 for directions and showtime information if needed.

Broadway Palm Children’s Theatre

Bringing their creative and infectious energy to the table, the Broadway Palm Children’s Theatre is a showcase for the best in family-friendly theatre. 

Not only are the stories family-appropriate, but they often include performance by local children. The cast specializes in crafting delightful entertainment for kids, including a slew of revisited classics and contemporary stories. Come by before December 24th for a performance of The Elves Shoemaker, an adorable story in the point-of-view of a special elf.

When spring rolls around, you can see a modern rendition of the classic story Robin Hood. See the green-capped mastermind steal from the rich and give to the poor in classic fashion in this riveting musical. 

Finally, you can expect a magical rendition of the Three Little Pigs, in all its pig-filled and wolf-huffing glory, from May 29th to June 19th

What’s on the Menu

The buffet always has selections for gluten-free, low fat, and dairy-free. Every guest can find a little something to fill their plate. The menu often changes from season-to-season. The holiday menu includes sweet potato casserole, baked lemon herb with fish and lemon dill aioli, chef-carved citrus-glazed ham, and roasted turkey breast.

For sides, you have a selection of options, including whipped sour cream and chive potatoes, fresh green beans, carrot coins, and traditional sage stuffing.

For every show, guests can find a salad bar, a selection of gluten-free salads, and a glorious ice cream bar. If you are wondering, the answer is yes- you can choose to only eat ice cream. But keep room for pies, cakes, and butter rolls.

Visit the Palm Theatre during your fort meyers beach vacation

Holiday Shows

The holiday season always brings out at least one of the grand holiday classics. The Sounds of Christmas is a jukebox musical built around a clumsy elf. His mission for the holiday- craft a beautiful dancing performance and specially-curated playlist for the big red man himself! 

The main theatre will feature a performance of the dark comedy Grumpy Old Men from Dec 29th to February 8th. Don’t miss the rambunctious and silly Kinky Boots from February 13th of April 4th.

Of course, the shows change out seasonally. Be sure to visit the official website for the current slate of high-caliber productions.  The theatre conveniently located near our rentals, giving you quick access to a fun night out.

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