Visit the Ostego Bay Marine Science Center on Your Trip

Ostego Bay Marine Science Center

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If you will be traveling with kids or perhaps have some curious minds in your mix, then there are plenty of things to do in Fort Myers while you are staying here. One of the things that we genuinely recommend is the Ostego Bay Marine Science Center. 


shrimp face

Suppose you are looking for a way to explore and discover the natural beauty of Southwest Florida and even learn about the unique ecology of the barrier islands and estuary ecosystem. In that case, you need to come and visit the Ostego Bay Marine Science Center.

The Ostego Bay Foundation has supported the blue waters and their ecosystems for 25 years in the Ostego Bay Marine Science Center. The founder and president of the foundation, Joanne Semmer, says that they wanted to remain in a remote location to be able to lots of outreach programs, which they have been successful in. 

But don’t let the size of the location fool you. With so many incredible live and preserved models of fish, crustaceans, shells, sponges, and other items, the 2,000 square foot center is packed with plenty of things to see. 


If you are worried about things that break the bank on your Fort Myers Beach vacation, don’t worry; the Marine Science Center runs on donations from its visitors. While you can donate any amount you wish, they have a suggested donation of $5 per adult and $3 per child.

They are open throughout the week, but we suggest checking out their schedule if you are planning to do something specific during your time there. They are located on San Carlos Island in Fort Myers, which you can drive to from the mainland. 

blue spotted stingray

What to Expect 

If you are looking for an exciting way to learn and discover everything the ocean has to offer, then the Marine Science Center is where you want to be. You can take part in feedings of their various creatures, including viewings of dolphins and manatees, and even see many of the reclusive marine specimens that come out of hiding for lunch! You will get a thrill from touching stingrays, putting your head in the mouth of a shark, and learning how sea turtles hatch, and so many more exciting adventures. No matter which exhibits you check out or which class you attend, you can rest assured you’re getting a hands-on experience unlike anything else.

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