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We had a wonderful time, staying in Castle Beach 204 for almost two entire weeks. When we arrived the condo was very well prepared with everything we needed for the first night. It looked wonderful and inviting. We really enjoyed our two weeks and had everything we needed in the condo. The kitchen is well equipped and we also had a couple of beach chairs and a cooler, so we didn’t need to buy this (someone must have left it there).
The view from the condo is just perfect – getting up in the morning and seeing the ocean – watching it during lunch or dinner or even from the sofa. We loved being on the patio – at least in the beginning. Unfortunately we ended up having bug bites all over after the second sunset we watched from the patio. It has screens but we found out that this screen can’t keep the nasty no-see-ums out. First I didn’t know what those bites were and I was scared about bedbugs so I checked and double checked every bed (since someone wrote that in an earlier review) but I have probably never seen beds this clean in any other place before. They were in a great condition and absolutely nice and clean! But there isn’t anything you really can do about the no-see-ums. I bought some off for myself and we always put on the fans on the patio and just avoided going out there during dusk. It was ok during the day! There were also some in the pool area but as long as you are in the water everything was just fine.
But those no-see-ums wouldn’t keep us from going back there again, because it is really a nice place to stay at.
You can’t really see the sunset from the condo, since there is this one palmtree standing right in front of the sun 🙂 but you can just walk to the beach and have the best view.
The Santini Plaza is a little more than a mile up north and it is a nice walk on the beach to get there or just a couple minutes with the car. Also there is the trolley that you can take and there are stops all over Estero Boulevard.
And yes – you can hear the waves on the patio! Maybe not during the day because of all the other sound you’ll hear. And you don’t really have to close the blinds at night because auf the turtoise from may through october. As far as I understood the directions it is ok to keep them open as long as you turn off all the artifical lights.

On one of the pictures online there was a small bbq on the patio. It is not there – there is only one next to the parking lot. We didn’t use it. There is none in the “pool area” since you aren’t allowed to eat there. But that was ok for us.

Castle beach 204 is a great place for any type for vacation. For us it was a family vacation with two kids (4 and 6). You can have a relaxing day at the beach or go to see places and do any type of activities.
Whenever we had a question or a concern the team of distinctive beach rentals was very helpful and reacted right away. Thank you for that service.

We would recommend this place and would definitely come again.

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