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You’re bound to want to do something when you get a vacation rental in Fort Myers Beach. Our See & Do Blog will help you find the best activities to do and attractions to see in the greater Fort Myers area.

If you’re looking for a fun family activity to do at the beach or on the mainland, visit the ACTIVITIES category. If you’re looking for an interesting place to go see and visit, go to the ATTRACTIONS page. Want to know a bit more about our BEACHES? Go there! Got food on your mind, see which restaurants there are for DINING. Planning a trip around a popular festival, visit our EVENTS category.

It’s time to SEE & DO more in Fort Myers Beach.

Come to Fort Myers Beach and do all the activities and see all the attractions on your next Florida vacation.

4 Ways to Enjoy the Beaches Near Fort Myers

If you’re traveling to Fort Myers Beach, you are bound to hit one of the beaches. Everyone knows that the beaches are Lee County’s No. 1 outdoor attraction. Fort Myers isn’t home to one main beach, though. If you stay... Read more

What to Do at the Beach Besides Swim and Look for Shells

The beach is Lee County’s No. 1 outdoor attraction. It attracts tens of thousands of people to Fort Myers Beach every season. The glorious glow of the sun, the soft-textured sands, and the many Lee County Beach activities for all... Read more

Where are the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Winter Estates?

Fort Myers Beach has a fascinating history. From its gulf-faring run-in with plundering pirates to its centuries of Spanish control, the area is rife with intriguing and far-reaching cultural stories. Some of our most inspiring American history comes from two... Read more

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